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Our Approach

Human-Centered Design

Our goal is to deliver designs that matter and resonate with people. We approach design by listening to clients and users, instead of assuming that we know all of the answers. That's why we employ the  Human-Centered Design (HCD by IDEO) process. It uses unique tools to capture the users’ perspective. HCD engages direct participation by constituents early and often in the design cycle. This process goes deep rather than broad. Instead of looking at averages, which often miss a large portion of the users’ needs, we look at extremes (for example, what the youngest and the oldest users need). 

HEAR  |  Social Listening (Market Research) 

Social Listening is an in-depth market research process that goes beyond survey data by using various interview, shadowing and research techniques to understand the hidden barriers, motivations and world views of the constituency groups. In addition to using survey data for broad understanding, social listening develops a deep understanding and empathy for the user.  The deliverable from this step can be a Market Research Paper or Presentation that reflects the internal and external audience perceptions. 

CREATE  |  Design Collaboration & Brand Development (Low Fidelity Designs)

Our collaborative design process works for small and big projects alike to incorporate early and ongoing input from internal and external stakeholders and users. To ensure that the resulting strategy fits the purpose, we enroll and align partners in the early design-phase by engaging them in facilitated design sessions and get early feedback. Deliverables from this step can include: 1) Facilitated co-design sessions with the client, stakeholders and users, 2) mockups and prototypes to test how new graphics, messaging, and other collateral lands in and interacts with the real environment 3) guidelines and benchmarks of design and development goals to test success. 

In this phase we are using low fidelity prototypes from paper drawings to digital mockups, to clickable prototypes to find out quickly what works for and resonates with the users.  

DELIVER  |  High Fidelity Awesome Designs

Once Once the barriers and benefits are understood, and after working collaboratively to develop the brand, product functionality and core messaging, the next phase is to implement an aesthetic that lures the viewer into giving the product a chance.