Thank You!

It's been an amazing ride the past 15 years! 

My next adventure has been calling and it's time to move on. Thank you all for having been such an eclectic, respectful and engaging clientele. I enjoyed every moment of getting you out to nature and giving you a new perspective on the bay area and our stunning city.

Who will be the one to carry on the torch for Beautiful, Sustainable Transportation?! 

While my focus has moved on to other projects, my enthusiasm for the TeacherBus Mission is still strong and I would love to see the idea regain momentum and have even greater impact.

The Future is Promising

I found a hybrid bus that could join the existing one, so you could have two buses, and I would be thrilled to help with pushing the TeacherBus forward into the future. I will re-ignite all my great contacts in the educational, environmental and corporate world and facilitate a smooth transition for a profitable future. 


  1. TeacherBus is already an established, eco-friendly, fun business and brand. 

  2. We have a long list of amazing clients.

  3. Consistent 5 Star Ratings on Yelp!

  4. The world needs education, and eye-opening experiences now more than ever!

  5. You'll forever have an on-call advocate to advise you in bus business and technical matters.


Driving Teacherbus back into the Future 

  1. You love the idea and want to see it regain momentum.

  2. You're enthusiastic and curious plus (maybe?) technically / financially fluent enough to replace the old diesel engine with an electric motor suitable for shorter trips in and around San Francisco. Between the new hybrid bus I found and the fully electric vintage bus, you'd be able to handle anything.

  3. Your investment will bring you lot's of fun experiences, a creative outlet and interesting connections to a wealth of people.

  4. You will become part of the activist and entertainment fabric of San Francisco.

  5. If you're really motivated I can help you with the mobile summer camp we created in 2008

I'd be excited to see somebody else keep the idea alive and take it to new horizons.

Other Ideas

  1. Make it into an awesome interactive parklet.
  2. Let it live on your property and be your indoor entertainment center
  3. ...your imagination...


  1. Solar Roof 
  2. Battery bank
  3. 6000 Watt Outback Inverters 
  4. White and orange interior with a lounge in the front and a dance-floor/open space in the back
  5. Professional flooring
  6. Good tires 
  7. Amazingly friendly looking vintage body (1978)
  8. Easy and fun to drive 
  9. Crown buses are considered the best build and most reliable ever made with a beefy box frame combined with it's all aluminium body, there is no rust. 
  10. All parts are truck parts you can still get today. 

Continue to create a positive, fun-filled future! 

Thank You for your trust over the years! Here's to more mobile memories :)


Jens-Peter Jungclaussen
aka "Peter/Teacher with the Bus"


Contact Me

c: (415) 424-1058