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The Moxie Agency | PR Firm

Standing the test of time. Jo Swani, CEO of The Moxie Agency, says she still gets compliments on her logo 10 years into the life of this company. As a public relations firm, its identity would have to succinctly communicate what it does. This is why we incorporated a sunshine yellow colored speech bubble accenting the elegant grey sub colors that speak “modern sophistication”.

Visual simplicity for this brand is key - they do the talking!



The Challenge

How does a young boutique PR firm stand out in Boston?

One. With ingenuity in its simplicity in its use of color. One color splash to get attention, while staying subtle and sophisticated with the supporting grey. Two. Playfully working with the shapes of the new logo for the party invite to introduce their new firm to their clients. Three. A minimal website stating their services and showing their current and previous clients. Four. Continually building on a solid reputation of great work.


Preliminary logo sketches in Illustrator



Invitation / Business Cards / Letterhead / Website

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